Blackened Tofu

A photo showing slices of blacked tofu with chives and a side of steamed spinach


  • 1 Package of Extra Firm Tofu
  • Blackening Spice
  • Fresh Chives (you can also use green onions)
  • olive oil


These go well with just about any side of vegetables. This particular time, I made them with just a simple, steamed spinach.

Open up the package of tofu and carefully squeeze out any extra water. I do this by just getting some paper towel, wrapping the block in the paper towel (you can also use a kitchen towel) and just kind of lightly squeeze/pat. The extra firm doesn’t have as much water as some of the other varieties but it still helps to have it as dry as possible.

Next, carefully cut the tofu into about 1/2″ slices (can be a little thinner too). Lay these out on fresh paper towel and pat dry again.

Chop the chives or green onions.

Get out the blackening spice (note: you can usually find this in the grocery store and it’s easier than mixing up all the spices that go into it) and a plate. Lightly sprinkle the blackening spice onto the plate until there’s a nice layer of it. Get a second plate out so that you can set the piece on when you’re done coating them with the spice. Carefully (I emphasize this because even extra firm tofu can come apart pretty easily) get a slice of the tofu (I use a spatula) and lay it into the blackening spice. Pat it down so that the spice sticks pretty well to it. Pick the piece up with your spatula and sprinkle a new layer of the spice onto the plate. Do the other side so it’s well coated then set it onto the clean plate. Do all your pieces like this.

Get a frying pan out and put it on medium to medium-high heat. Add a small amount of olive oil to the pan and make sure the bottom of the pan is coated. Let it heat up for a few minutes, then put 4 pieces into the pan. Tofu is an already cooked product, so you’re just searing/heating the pieces. I like to leave them in the pan for about 5-6 minutes per side. If you have more pieces to do, finish those up. Sprinkle on the chive or green onion. Eat them while they’re hot.

These keep well in the fridge for a few days. To reheat, I just heat them in the frying pan for a couple minutes each side.

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