Best Ways to Get Nutrition Information on Any Recipe

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If you’ve looked at any of the recipes on here, you’ll notice I don’t put nutrition info. Mostly this is because I’m wary of putting anything that might not be 100% accurate and then have people come after me for it. There can be a lot of variation on some recipes simply because one or more of the ingredients is a “use however much you want” type of thing (my Next Level Grilled Cheese is a good example of that).

Why does calculating nutrition in food matter?

Food “macros” (macronutrients) seem to be hugely popular these days. A lot of the special diets have a particular focus on getting macros right. Typically, they’re focusing on 3 main things: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Different diets or eating plans may have different ratios of these things. A few of the more popular ones are keto, low-carb, and pretty much anything else promoting weight loss or muscle gain. Also, if you have any special health considerations, such as being a diabetic, you really might want to calculate the nutritional value of your food.

Can you get away with not calculating the nutrition values of everything you eat? Of course. I rarely do it myself for when I’m making my own food. I’ll admit, I do look at labels on any packaged foods I buy though.

How to Easily Get Nutrition Information on Any Recipe

I realize a lot of people out there trying to “eat healthier”, following a special diet or eating plan, or work towards a health goal that may involve food might need to know or at the very least, would appreciate an easy way to figure out nutrition for a particular recipe. So I’ve got 2 options below for you.

My friend Alex tipped me off to The Recipe Analyzer at, which seemed like a pretty solid solution.

A screenshot of the Recipe Analyzer from

Go Check It out also has something similar with their nutrition calculator where you can add the ingredients and it will tell you the stats.

A screenshot of the nutrition calculator from

Go Check It out

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