Plant-Based Pleaser: Bok Choy with Blackened Tempeh

This is super simple to make, high in protein and has a little kick with the blackening spices.

A photo of a plate with bok choy with garlic and shiitake and pieces of blackened tempeh

So, what's the deal?

No Bullsh*t Healthy Recipes showcases easy, healthy recipes (plant-based or vegetarian), without a lengthy intro and a ton of unnecessary photos. Find your healthy recipe and go make some tasty food, even if you’re new to cooking or on a budget.

If you’re tired and stressed and really want to eat healthier but don’t want to sift through recipe sites that have 20 photos from every angle (and the life stories of the bloggers or an over-complicated recipe), feel like cooking healthy is involved or expensive, or just don’t know where to start, this site is for you.

After several years of experimenting with “eating healthy” and modifying recipes to my liking, I realized that it really isn’t too tough to make healthy, tasty food. Encouraged by my online friends, I decided to to create this no bullshit site where you’ll get 1 (maybe 2) photos straight off my mobile phone, the ingredients, and a bit of directions.

I want to emphasize that this site is for everyone, even if you’re on a tight budget or don’t have a lot of cooking or baking skills. Even if you only make one thing a week, one thing a week is better than no things a week. Do what you can, I always say.

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